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Mental Health is REAL

Mariah Brown, LPC

Mariah completed her Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health

Counseling at Henderson State University. She has clinical experience across a variety of settings including outpatient specialty clinics, crisis intervention, day treatment, large nonprofits, and private practice. Mariah's clients include children, adolescents, families and adults. She has extensive training in treating childhood trauma which includes Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Person Centered, and Gestalt techniques. 

What does mental health mean to me? 

Mental health is scary when you are unsure why you are feeling the way you feel. Mental Health means more than 'self care" which is a buzz word today. I have always had a passion for serving people and providing the community with resources. Mental health resources are limited in rural areas and most people are unsure how to find them. I've had personal experiences with mental health which helps me connect with my clients. Therapy should accessible and feel like a pace where you can be honest with yourself. 

   My Philosophy  

I am a holistic therapist providing a nurturing and open environment where you can begin your journey towards mind, body, and spirit wholeness. I specialize with children, adolescents, and adults  and strive towards building a therapeutic relationship through unconditional positive regard while intergrating a cognitive behavioral psychodynamic approach. It is my desire that you will allow me to provide you services to begin this collaborative journey of self- discovery. My ulimate goal is tailor your needs to individualized treatment plan  and work with you on finding solution to your issues. 

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