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My First Therapy Session 

Take a deep breath! You are probably thinking a thousand thoughts in your head. Its okay to not be okay. Therapy is not a one size fits all. Therapy is a journey in which you get the opportunity to explore issues which may have been suppressed. You do not have to rush - take your time, be present and enjoy the ride. 

The first session is all about information gathering and developing treatment goals. All minors must have guardian present during intake process. By completing the forms prior to session, the therapist can review information related to your history. In session, you are able to identify any issues which occurred in prior treatment services. Therapist and client will collaborate on the development of treatment goals and objectives. Therapist will provide reccomendations for service frequency. Therapist will schedule next session based on availability.  

Please note, we do not offer medication management. If you are recieving medication management from another provider - complete section in your intake form. 

If your level of care recommends medication management, we will make a referral to a provider in your area. 

Therapist will make referral for psychological testing, if needed. 

If you have any additional questions regarding therapy and what to expect, check out our FAQ about Therapy. 

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